What is the Registered Refurbisher Program?
The Registered Refurbisher Program is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized refurbishers who wish to deliver genuine preinstalled Microsoft software licenses to their customers on the PCs they refurbish.


What are the benefits of this program for end user customers?
End user customers will benefit from quality refurbished PCs preinstalled with genuine licenses for Microsoft software. Genuine licenses mean they will be able to access the benefits of downloads, updates, and enhanced features such as free anti-virus software. Registered Refurbisher licenses for refurbished PCs also provide an upgrade path to future releases.


Are there different types of licenses for different types of customers?
Yes. There are two types of licenses available in the Registered Refurbisher Program.

  – Commercial licenses are available for you to supply to any type of customer. This can include end user customers who are consumers or small businesses.
  – Citizenship licenses are available for you to supply only to Eligible Recipients. Citizenship licenses are available for a cost-recovery fee for certain customer groups such as educational institutions, non-profit charitable organizations and other approved recipients.

What steps are taken to help ensure the quality of the refurbishers that participate in this program?
Microsoft works to confirm the validity of applications before granting a refurbisher the status of Registered Refurbisher, and applications are reviewed by Microsoft’s Anti Piracy group. Members of the program must stay in touch through a secure portal in order to obtain products keys needed for their licenses and, in some cases, must submit information about the PCs they supply. All Registered Refurbishers are also subject to audit and must meet environmental and data wiping standards specified in the program agreement. In addition, Microsoft will investigate any complaint received about a Registered Refurbisher and has the option to withdraw Registered Refurbisher status at any time.