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The role of IT is changing: Nowadays it is impossible to do business without reliable IT support. A whole new range of technologies promises to radically change our lives within the near future, and is already doing so. And it will alter the way we run our businesses. This makes IT and business-process alignment a must, if companies are to cope with the increasingly rapid changes to business needs.

The ideal way to meet these demands is to reshape the whole IT infrastructure, to make it dynamic. And, within this infrastructure, it is the data center that is most critical.

The ability to effectively reshape the datacenter, choosing the right path and selecting the pertinent elements for optimization, is crucial if businesses want to remain competitive and change the status of IT from ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’. Since it is practically impossible to find identical IT infrastructures in two different companies, the approach to reshaping the data center needs to be tailored to the individual company environment.

Looking at the most common pain points, the areas displaying the highest priority are those of data protection, virtualization, energy efficiency, and the optimization of ERP environments. Depending on the specific situation, CIOs may want to consider one or several of these approaches.

As a starting point, companies need to evaluate the best way to reshape the data center. This could be done by changing the way the data center is designed and managed internally, by way of massive deployment of virtualization and automation techniques, or thinking about a new, flexible way of sourcing resources and process support on a service provisioning basis, i.e. moving toward cloud computing. Or even a mixture of both.

In any case, Fujitsu helps you to adapt IT to your specific requirements.

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